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xniq is a clone of CROSSNIQ for the Game Boy Advance.

(This is an alpha build for GBA Jam 2021)

How to play:

  • Hold A to grab, D-Pad to move.
  • The game ends when the timer hits zero.
  • To replenish the timer & earn points, arrange the tiles into a cross
    (a "+" shape of a single colour spanning the whole board)
  • Special tiles:
    • Locked (🔒) tiles can't be scrolled off the edge of the board.
    • Frozen (❌) tiles won't move at all!
    • Bonus (⭐) tiles are worth extra points if you clear them!
  • The "Type Break" rule:
    • Special tiles that are neighbouring the cross will lose their special status. This can be helpful to get rid of Locked and Frozen tiles, but bad news for Bonus tiles!

Code by exelotl and PyroPyro
Graphics and audio by hot_pengu

If you enjoyed this, check out CROSSNIQ+ by Max Krieger for PC and Switch!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorsexelotl, Goodboy Galaxy, Pyro_Pyro
TagsGame Boy Advance, Retro
Code licenseMIT License
LinksSource code


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This game is a real challenge! It feels like solving a Rubik's Cube, which I am similarly disadvantaged at. Great work though! A few slides of tutorial would be very helpful, since I downloaded a bunch of games en masse and forgot how this was played. 😅


Very polished graphics and a very promising game!

Are you going to expand upon this after the jam? :o


Hey, yes probably! Goodboy takes priority, but we have a bit of downtime while waiting on all the kickstarter bits to fall into place... And I couldn't resist doing something for the Jam ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

I was lowkey hoping you were going to release that Super Crate Box port for the jam tbh :P

Getting this Crossniq for the GBA tho... definitely can't complain :)

Haha I did consider it! But decided not to because the jam has rules against "projects you already worked on" and "assets you don't have the rights to use".

It will happen one day, I'm sorry for the wait!